Pat HaberskiPat Haberski, President

I became associated with Happy Endings in 1995 when I was looking for a second cat. Originally I started as a foster mother rehabbing feral kittens; I really enjoyed turning little hissing, spitting, terrified kittens into purry little love bugs! In 1997 I was appointed to the Board as Vice President and have served on the Board since then.

In January, 2010 I was appointed Board President. It has been a great joy to watch Happy Endings evolve from a few cats in a basement to the wonderful shelter it is now. The Board and I are dedicated to constantly improving Happy Endings and saving as many cats as we can.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, gardening and raising monarch butterflies.


Darlene RagerDarlene Rager, Media Relations/Event Coordinator/Vice President

I came to Milwaukee from my hometown of Cleveland in April, 2007. Three weeks later looking to meet new friends in a strange city, I became a volunteer at Happy Endings. Naturally outgoing, I have made many friends and even consider some ‘family.’ Many shelters struggle with administrative duties; as the owner of Clerical Services Unlimited, I became increasingly involved with the day-to-day responsibilities. In February, 2010, I joined the Board as the Media Relations/Event Coordinator. With an extensive career in Development, I love finding new venues for fundraising and meeting new people.

In my free time, I love movies, music, going to the park and, of course, spending time with my four furbabies Abigail, Steve, Eydie and Snowflake.



Karen JacobsKaren Jacobs, Secretary

I was first introduced to Happy Endings in the fall of 1997 when my sister adopted Phoebe, a beautiful Calico. At the time there was a great need for foster homes. The next thing I knew, I was fostering expectant mothers and many kittens. Eventually I started to volunteer on Saturdays for Open House. In 2000, I joined the Board and given my copious note taking skills, became the Board Secretary. In addition, I also respond to the shelter Hotline.

Many cats and volunteers have come and gone (and some have returned and gone again!), but the shelter has managed to stay and uphold its mission. I’m proud to be involved in an organization that seeks to maintain such a high standard of excellence in caring for the many homeless, abused and neglected cats.

In my free time, I enjoy golfing, spending time with my friends and, of course, spending quality time with my cats.