Little Bella came to us at less then 12 months old. Unfortunately her front legs were broken, the ligaments severed and one paw had been declawed with pliers. After multiple extensive orthopedic surgeries and months of rehab, Bella has found her forever home.

Our beautiful Bella has gotten the best happy ending any cat could ask for. Not only can she run, walk and play, but she has wonderful parents who spoil her and love her very much. At first they were a bit concerned that she may have difficulty getting around the levels of their home, so she had her own room with a private bathroom and place to eat. However, soon Bella proved that she could get around quite well and found favorite spots around the house.

Bella likes to stalk unsuspecting animals through the sliding glass door and has a favorite napping place on the furniture. There are two roommates, Chloe and Gigi, and everyone seems to get along. Bella gets to go on vacation up north and treasures one-on-one time with her new humans. She has made lots of new friends and even supervises the antics of the neighbors’ new puppy. We are very proud of our Bella and look forward to more updates on her forever home.