Dublin and Duncan

Dublin was a pretty little female brown tabby that came into the shelter with her siblings on Kentucky Derby day a few years ago. One horse in the race was named Dublin and that’s how she got her name.

A short time later another very scared little kitten was left at the front door of the shelter. He was given the name Duncan. He was quickly placed with Dublin and her siblings so he wouldn’t have to be alone.

Dublin and Duncan became fast friends but both remained quite shy and somewhat afraid of people. Because they weren’t very social with people, they remained at the shelter for quite some time.

Then one day a nice young lady stopped in looking for a companion or two. After looking around a few minutes she fell in love with Dublin and Duncan. She had the gift of looking beyond the outside and into their hearts; she could see their potential. They needed someone patient who would love them unconditionally.

It has been a year since they went ‘home.’ Dublin is doing great. She’s much more comfortable being held and curls up on mom’s lap (or anywhere she can find a spot) every day. She has also become rather fond of licking mom’s face. She still loves her crinkly balls and shreds them into pieces all over the house, and she likes anything that reflects.

Duncan is also doing really well. He loves to be petted and always runs out to greet mom when she comes home. His favorite pastime is looking out the window and chattering at birds. He is still very skittish at times, but he’s come a long way considering he couldn’t even be touched initially. He especially likes to cuddle at night.