As you may already know, Happy Endings has a mobile rehabilitation unit. It is a semi-truck owned by a volunteer who crosses the country with feral (wild) cats in the cab.

One day a few years ago he was in a large steel mill yard in Illinois. He noticed a large black cat wandering around the yard and in great danger of being run over by all the heavy equipment and trucks going through the yard.

Having a live trap handy for just such occasions, the volunteer was able to catch the cat and bring him back to Happy Endings. The poor guy was loaded with parasites and fleas. The vet thought he was possibly 10 years old, not in the best condition and very feral. He was neutered, treated for parasites and nursed back to health. However he was still very feral.

He was named Jackal and his long journey across the country began. He was in the truck for quite some time and proved to be quite a challenge. However, gradually he began to trust and finally turned around. The fact that he was with a human 24 hours a day made a huge difference in his transformation.

Jackal now lives with the volunteer and his wife. He is still being treated for medical problems but is now friendly and playful. He has turned into a very sweet boy. Jackal truly has found his happy ending!