One day an odd looking cat was brought into Happy Endings. This huge cat had been found outside. His head was big and his tail was only a stub; he looked like a bulldog with whiskers.  Since he had been outside, there were cuts and scrapes on his head and body apparently from fighting with other animals. He was allegedly the neighbor’s cat and was no longer wanted. Therefore, Happy Endings took him in and named him “Jerry.”

Jerry did not like other cats nor did he have patience for children or even some of the volunteers, for that matter. He did, however, like giving head butts. Jerry was at Happy Endings for quite some time. Then, one day, a doctor from Shorewood came in and adopted him. Since the doctor and his family were leaving for vacation in Mexico, his adoption was delayed. Upon the family’s return, they brought him a sombrero. Jerry’s head was so big, the sombrero wouldn’t fit causing the family to fall even more in love with him and his big head.

Jerry’s new home came with teenagers and, on occasion, he was a bit aggressive with them.  Sadly he was too aggressive and returned to Happy Endings. One day not long after his return, a woman came into the shelter and said “I think you have my cat.” A friend had stopped in at Happy Endings the previous week and recognized Stubby. Unbelievably, this was almost two years after Jerry originally came to Happy Endings. The lady described “Stubby” and it sounded a lot like Jerry. Jerry’s cage door was opened and he ran over to her and jumped on her. Clearly ‘Jerry’ was her ‘Stubby!’

Apparently she left Stubby with her boyfriend and the two did not get along. Upon her return, Stubby was gone. Allegedly a friend of her boyfriend stole Stubby and she was told he ‘disappeared.’ After two years, Stubby and his mommy were reunited and left Happy Endings with a very happy ending.