Nera Anne

Nera Anne’s journey with “Happy Endings” began in September 2nd, 2009. Now she is considered one of our most remarkable success stories. About two years ago a beautiful brown tabby kitty was left at our door. Her eyes were closed, she was very shy and at first she appeared to be blind. However, after a visit to the veterinarian we found out that Nera was not blind, but she had a rare eye condition, eyelid agenesis.

This condition involves partial absence of the eyelid which permits the hair to rub against the cornea (outer layer of the eye). Eyelid agenesis makes blinking nearly impossible and exceptionally painful. After extensive reconstructive surgeries, Nera was finally able to open her eyes and to our pleasant surprise, she retained vision in one eye.

Nera soon found her forever home with the most caring and loving parents, Kassandra and Chad. According to her parents she is the “queen of the household” and “runs the place”. The living room of Nera’s new home is decorated with cat toys and scratching posts and to the amusement of the whole neighborhood, Nera routinely dons a harness and leash and goes for walks to enjoy the fresh air.

Nera will continue to be a special needs cat with daily hydrating ointment applications to her eyes, but her new parents say she is rather good about accepting the treatments.  We are very grateful to all of our donors and volunteers at Happy Endings for helping Nera find her “Happy Beginning”.