Oliver and Pepita

From Oliver and Pepita’s family:

You may not remember us but 4 short years ago I adopted Oliver and Pepita from your wonderful shelter. It was love at first sight, Pepita jumped into my lap and snuggled up to me like I was a huge bag of catnip. Oliver was the sweetest and most adorable cat we had ever seen. Cross-eyed, rather large, and cuddly… what could we do but adopt him? I just felt like I needed to give you an update on how they are doing. Pepita is extremely healthy and happy. She loves to chase this little laser pointer around the house and Oliver actually fetches little people from my doll house and brings them to my room and then meows until I pet him. Pepita has a pink bed that says princess on it, we put it it near the fire place and she loves to sleep there. Oliver basically sleeps anywhere he happens to be when he gets tired. They are both such characters and we will always love them.