Pip and Squeak

Pip and Squeak came to Happy Endings around August of 2009 along with their mom and two sisters. They were around seven or eight weeks old and very feral (wild, not domesticated). Needless to say they all needed quite a bit of socialization. Mom was adopted and is doing well in her new home and the kittens grew into beautiful adults albeit very shy cats. One day when Pip and Squeak were about a year or so old, a new volunteer started to work at the shelter. She made an instant connection with the boys. This is their story…

I started volunteering at Happy Endings in 2010. Every Tuesday, I looked forward to seeing “my two boys,” Pip and Squeak. I’ve always had a soft spot for shy kitties, and they seemed to have “picked me” right from the start. Almost immediately they seemed to trust me, and I was soon distributing chin rubs and kisses-a-plenty, and even the occasional shoulder ride when I could tell they were especially relaxed. We had bonded. I couldn’t take them home with me because I had an elderly cat at home, who was, shall we say, not interested in sharing his space.

After a year I moved to Chicago. When I left, I promised my boys that if they were still at Happy Endings when my old man’s time came, I would come back for them. A few weeks ago, I fulfilled my promise and took “my two boys” home. Pip has been the adventurous one, trying everything first and showing his brother the way. As I sit on the bed reading, he sits on the floor next to the bed looking at me, and eventually rolls over on his back to show me that adorable belly in his sign of trust. I can’t wait to watch them blossom more and more everyday as I spoil them rotten.