Winston arrived at the shelter about four years ago. He was a handsome gray cat but his personality left a bit to be desired. The more our volunteers worked with him the more apparent it was that he had been through some things in his life. He wasn’t very trusting and preferred to bite rather than trust. For a long time he really didn’t want anything to do with humans.

Despite his personality our volunteers persisted. Slowly but surely he began to come around and his unpredictable aggressive behavior became less frequent. Underneath all that aggression was a very sweet boy who loved to be brushed.

Then one day an adopter showed up with her niece who was looking for a cat. She looked at many and came back several times. Each time we would let Winston out of his cage so he could play with the laser light – his favorite toy! When it came to the laser light he turned into a goofy kitten!

Needless to say she fell in love with. In fact, she can’t even imagine her life without him. The very first night he hopped in bed and slept on top of her. There is even a cat tree in front of the window and he watches the birds all day. All of his waiting was worth it – he has the best home ever with a mom that loves him to the moon and back!