Luna came to Happy Endings in February, 2020. Her original home had several children under the age of five, another cat and at least one dog. It was clearly more stress than she could handle and as a result she would act out. A bit of a Diva, she was often overlooked at the shelter as being a ‘cranky old lady.’ Then one day a wonderful woman came in to make a donation. She had just lost her beloved feline companion and was not ready to adopt. She was simply making a donation. Then . . . Luna caught her eye. Luna came out of her cage and actually laid on top of the woman’s purse, something she had never done before. It was all over after that. Below is an update on her happily ever after.

“I have been blessed with Luna. We have rescued each other. She had been at Happy Endings for 1-1/2 yrs and I had suddenly lost my beloved cat.  Happy Endings took wonderful care of Luna but she was skittish around unfamiliar people.  When I brought her home she immediately adapted to me and her new surroundings. It was like we have always been together.

She is the most loving and affectionate cat I've ever had. She is extremely well behaved and sweet.  She sits on my lap every chance she gets for some serious head scratches and naps.  She follows me around the house to help with housework...ha!  Luna loves to sit in boxes and bags so Christmas time was cat paradise!  She watches everything outside from her perch.  When I come home from work, she greets me excitedly and tells me all about her day. 

She is still a bit afraid of strangers, so it's a work in progress.  I guess everyone has to earn her trust in time.  I look into her gorgeous blue eyes every day and I thank God we found each other. Happy Endings, thank you for all your dedication and hard yet rewarding work caring for these precious cats!  They need you! 

P.S.  Luna says Hello and Thank You to all her old friends.  She wants you to know, she found her forever home!”