Shadow was originally surrendered to the shelter as an unruly ‘teenager’ who was too aggressive and had biting behavior issues. He was a stunning boy, and everyone wanted him. Despite giving detailed information on behavior, play therapy, attention requirements, etc. to adopters, he was returned two times. Then, in February, 2020, a wonderful family stopped in the shelter to meet him. Shadow finally found his forever home! His ‘happily ever after’ update is below.

“Shadow is very handsome but he was very distrustful, due to being returned to the shelter twice.  He is a very important part of our family. He has calmed down very much.  He knows this is his home and only bites when playing rough.   He even snuggles and purrs loud.  We just love him so much and try very hard to make him feel safe. He is no longer on calming food or CBD oil. He's a sweetheart! He also likes to pose for the camera.

From lounging to hunting bugs in our back yard, he is as attached to us as we are to him.  He loves to watch Dr. POL (TV veterinarian show), drink water from the faucet and play, play and play. He basks in the sun of the kitchen window and chirps at the birds at the feeders. He loves to chase his kitty toys down the hallway and slide to catch them. He loves his feather toys and is quite the acrobatic with his aerial flips and jumps. He jockeys for position every night for a place on the bed to beat out our 82lb Labradoodle. He plays different with everyone in the house and we all LOVE him so much.  He speaks his opinions more and more. We wouldn’t trade him for the world.”