Happy Endings cat sponsorship a program in which your monthly donations go toward the health, happiness and well-being of one of our shelter cats.

As a Happy Endings sponsor you will receive the following benefits:
The most important benefit is a happy cat! You will also receive a photo, description and monthly updates on your sponsored cat. In addition, you can always welcome to visit your sponsored cat during our normal shelter hours. You will also receive special invitations to exclusive sponsor-only events.

Types of sponsorship available:
Cat Sponsorship: Sponsor a specific cat from our list of cats currently in the shelter or have a cat assigned to you.
Kitty Condo (cage) Sponsorship: Sponsor a kitty condo at the shelter which will always be home to a cat. In this type of sponsorship if the cat that is currently in your condo is moved or adopted you will be sent an update on the new resident.
Gift Sponsorship: You can choose to sponsor a cat as a gift for someone or in honor of someone or something.

You can choose to sponsor a cat or a kitty condo (cage) for as little as $10 a month (cub level) and you can stop at any time. Choose the level that best suits your situation.

Sponsorship Levels:
Cub – $10/month
Cheetah – $15/month
Mountain Lion – $25/month
Leopard – $50/month
Jaguar – $75/month
Tiger $100/month
King of the Jungle – $250/month

Perks of Sponsorship:
$50 – Happy Endings t-shirt
$75 – Happy Endings t-shirt and tote bag
$100 – Above items plus a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the shelter
$250 – Above items, plus VIP treatment at the auction (no fee, front row seats, and admission 30 minutes before opening to check out the items!)

Terms of Sponsorship:

  • The current minimum requirement to sponsor a cat or condo for a one month period is $10. You can choose to sponsor at greater amounts which is always appreciated. Also, you can choose to sponsor by the month or yearly.
  • If your cat is adopted during the middle of your sponsorship the remainder of your sponsorship funds will be transferred to another shelter cat awaiting sponsorship. Sponsorship funds will not be reimbursed.
  • You can choose to make payments by check, money order, or electronically through our website.

  • Ready to sponsor? Wonderful! Just click on the form that corresponds to which payment method you will be using below.

    Sponsorship Form (printed version – Check or Money Order)
    Sponsorship Form (electronic version – PayPal)