Happy Endings was founded in 1994 by three women with three cages. At the time, cats were in foster homes and shown once a week in a donated basement space on E. Morgan Ave. After losing that space, Happy Endings moved into a basement on 27th & Ohio St. donated by a volunteer’s friend. Originally planning to stay only six months, the basement became Happy Endings’ home for 2½ years. Unfortunately, Happy Endings became ‘homeless’ again for about six months, and although ‘homeless’, Happy Endings continued to show cats in pet stores. In 2000, Happy Endings rented its current location at 5349 W. Forest Home Ave. Many beautiful cats and wonderful volunteers have passed through the doors over the years. Several volunteers have been with Happy Endings for over 13 years. Whether they stayed a month or for years, every volunteer has contributed to our success. It is because of dedicated volunteers and donors that Happy Endings has been able to make a difference. Thank you for helping us make a difference.